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The cost of importing varies significantly and depends on factors including the purchase price of the Airstream, where in the US it was purchased and subsequent transport costs to a port, preparation needed before shipping, customs and quarantine fees, continually changing regulations, the departing port, Australian dollar exchange rate to the US dollar, restoring work done and other factors.

A good exterior body is key. All Airsteams have  scratches, pitting and dents from being on the road for 50 plus years but you want to look for one without major exterior panel damage.

Structural integrity is very important. Airstreams have aluminium exterior, wall framing and interior panels which do not rust. They have a steel chassis that can have rust. They also have a wooden subfloor that is integral to overall structural strength. Subfloors often have rot from water damage over the years. It is common to have to replace all or part of their subfloors. Being aware of the condition of the Airstreams subfloor, whether it has been replaced or whether it has rot and needs to be repaired or fully replaced, will help you understand the restoration needs of the Airstream.

Windows. Having all windows present is important as replacement windows in some years can be nearly impossible to source and they can be costly if they can be found. It is common for windows to need their opening hardware restored or replaced but this is can be done easily with parts from

Axles, brakes, bearings, wheels, tyres. Tyres on vintage Airstreams often need to be replaced as they will be worn and aged. Bearings and brakes also will need to be serviced or may even need to be replaced due to age. Axles will need replacing over time.

Interior condition. Airstreams often need their interior walls removed to re-seal it’s seams, to replace insulation, to rewire original American 110V electrics to new Australian 240v and 12v, and to replace subfloor sections. I generally like Airstreams that have had their interior entirely stripped out as they are a blank canvas to start the restoration process from.

This depends on what restoring work is needed, the interior fit out design plan, material choice / quality and whether you are doing the work yourself or are using trades people. A range of $30,000 – $70,000 is common. Though you could spend less if you were doing the work yourself. I have personally seen an Airstream at one of the most well renowned restorers in the United States with a restoration budget exceeding $500,000US. I mention this only to show that restoration budgets and costs vary dramatically.
  • Original interior removed
  • Subfloor removed and replaced
  • Chassis restoration – removal of rust, painting with rust proof paint, metal repairs
  • Interior sealed
  • New insulation installed
  • New 240v and 12v wiring
  • Re-installation of original aluminium walls or replacement with new aluminium
  • Plumbing
  • Interior cabinetry
  • Window and door restoration
  • Axles, brakes, bearings and tyres serviced or replaced.
  • Exterior metal work restoration
  • Polishing
No sorry I can’t import an Airstream we haven’t inspected ourselves or had an industry expert inspect on our behalf. We can source a specific Airstream for you though.
Yes we can source a specific Airstream for you. We also have strong connections with major collectors, sellers and restorers in the United States who are able to source on our behalf.
Yes we buy Airstreams from sellers both in Australia and the United States. Please contact us if you have one you want to sell.
Yes Airstreams can be registered in Australia. Registration requirements vary between States so check with your State roads authority. You will need to update exterior lighting to meet Australian standards and replace the coupler and safety chains with Australian ones. Electrical and gas compliance certificates may also be required in some States. Some States also require a door on the Australian curb-side, the opposite side to where the original American door is on an Airstream. If this is required, the Airstream will need an additional door added to the other side, the door moved to the other side or a clam shell door installed at the rear (this is acceptable). We have metal fabricators who can do this work if required.

Follow this guide by Vintage Trailer Supply


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We recommend Nuvite or Airbrite polishing compound to polish Airstreams. These are available at; www.vintagetrailersupply.com

Yes you can. We have Airstream caravans available for sale on the ground in Australia and we can also source specific Airstreams from the United States and import them for you. 

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