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What we do

Aluminia sources a wide variety of iconic vintage Airstreams from the United States, manages the import process and offers them for sale in Australia. Aluminia also offers personalised sourcing of specific Airstreams for clients.


Aluminia has had over 10 years experience sourcing and restoring vintage Airstreams, and has an in-depth understanding of Airstreams from the 1950s through to today. Understanding Airstream’s structure, condition and the restoring process is key in matching the best Airstream to our clients needs.

Complete Management

Aluminia offers a complete solution to the complexities of importing an Airstream and has them available to you for sale and hire here in Australia. Aluminia sources Airstreams from the United States and then we work with our restorers in California, New Mexico and Texas to restore, polish, customise for Australian regulations and prepare for shipping. Aluminia then manages the import process including transport to US ports, shipping, Australian import approval and navigating Australian customs clearance.

Building dreams

Fulfilling the dream of owning a vintage Airstream can be complex and has risks, particularly sourcing from afar and importing to Australia. Aluminia has streamlined the process to make buying an Airstream simpler and safer by using our experience, expertise, and networks to import Airstreams that are the best balance of condition and value, and offers them here on the ground in Australia.

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Get To Know Us

Meet Chloe


I was immediately captivated by the iconic mid century Airstream after seeing one on a road trip through the desert near Palm Springs in California. I had to have one. And that was it, my Airstream obsession began with one turning into many…

I have travelled thousands of km’s through the United States over the last 10 years sourcing these silver beauties and now have the largest collection of Airstreams and other American trailers in Australia. My collection spans the 50s, 60s, 70s and new model Airstreams.


While I make several sourcing trips to the United States each year, my home base is in Melbourne, Australia.

Over the years I’ve been pursuing my Airstream dream, I have been fortunate to build relationships with the most renowned collectors and restorers in the United States. Collaborating with my professional network, I want to share my Airstream obsession & bring the most iconic Airstreams – in the best possible condition – to you for use as caravans, guest houses, bnb’s, mobile businesses & collectable items.

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